An Intimate Look Inside Versailles Restoration

Robert PolidoriOne of the very best books you can buy for your library is the three volumes of Robert Polidori’s Parcours Museologique Revisite, which is a twenty-five year photographic project charting the renovation of the palace at Versailles.

In an effort to keep France’s vibrant history alive, each room in the palace is carefully restored to mirror its original state.  Polidori’s extensive (Read More...)

French Gardens

Versailles - Allée des MarmousetsThe gardens of Versailles are remarkable to experience in person. The gardens cover roughly 800 hectares of land, which is landscaped in the classic French style.  he meticulous manicured lawns inspire millions, as they are the most visited place in France, and receive more than six million visitors a year. 210,000 million flowers are planted annually, 200,000 trees and 50 fountains with more than 620 jets of water.  Sculptures and fountains accent the beautiful hedges and grasses in a symmetrical pattern. (Read More...)