Louis XV French Styled Furniture

Louis XV style is one of the most beautiful styles of French design.  Louis XV style took place between 1730-1775 and often feature curvy furniture such as bombe chests, sexy desks, and ornate mirrors.  If a French piece of furniture is exaggerated in its curves, chances are, they flow from the inspiration of Louis XV.   The key feature of  unbroken curves is the principle behind the inspiration of Louis XV furniture style such as graceful curves seen in Louis desks, where the legs sweep with delicate lines and shape.  Chairs are often seen curved at the back which flows through to the front often seeing curved cushions. Louis XV architecture is likewise as ceilings are seen with curved features such as doomed ceilings, and archways.  Round ornate gilt rosettes sit in 3D paneled designs on the walls.  Walls, doors and decorative moldings are featured (Read More...)