French Canopy Beds

Amanda Hallmon Taylor Canopy BedsFrench Canopy Beds originated from medieval England and Europe. Today people buy them for their looks, while in the past they served a practical purpose of preventing bugs, spiders, and flys from entering into your sleeping quarters. In Primitive times, the roofs of the homes were not in the best shape, letting the rain, bugs and dirt into your home. Bed fabric panels also added a privacy wall, from the common home where separate rooms was not common in medieval times. Privacy panels were often used to section off a particular space in a home, as well as keeping the warm air from escaping the enclosed area at night. Originally, curtains were hung from the ceiling, but as the bed evolved, a frame was added to support a canopy where the curtains hung.

One of the easiest ways of decorating with high impact is simply with fabric. Combine a few different patterns with the same color tone, and don’t be afraid to over lap fabrics. Fabric is the easiest way of adding interest to a room.

This bed shines brightly in this white surrounding palette. An oval gilt sconce mirror hangs on the wall with matching blue tapered candles. The floors are painted an off white and a bed crown hangs from the ceiling with draped lace. This room has many antique touches, with a shining example of classic french neoclassical bed. For more of a century old feeling, match up the duvet cover and drapes with the upholstery on the bed for a classic look right out of the 18th century.

Francois Halard



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