How to Add Color Into Your Home With Confidence

How To Pick Paint ColorsHow to Add Color Into Your Home

Many of us are afraid to use color. How can you possibly pick a color for the walls? There are thousands available. How do you know if you have the right hue?

Painting a wall sort of seems like you are getting married to the color.

1. Look around in your own home…….

One very easy way of picking paint shades is to take a good look around your home. If you already have a nice collection of furniture and accessories, take a good look at what you already have to decide what direction to go in. If you are just starting out, and need some direction, take stock of your favorite items, and build the room around them.

Do you have some fabulous china? Build off that color scheme….

Match your favorite bedspread to the walls. Work with the elements you already love.

Decorative elements in the room such as fabrics, rugs, a painting, an antique vase or a tapestry, can give us a clue on what colors to consider for the room. Choose the color that you like the most from one of these elements and make it your dominant color, the background that will pull everything else together.

2. Once you decide on a shade, try it out, and tweek it.

I have a ton of paint in my garage, that I decided to do something with the existing shades that I already own. I came up with 5 gallons of mint green, and a awesome 5 gallon container of blue gray. The blue was so amazing, I painted all my out door furniture in it, and am even considering working with that same shade for my house. I felt like I hit the jackpot. Although, I took the same shade in the house, and tried it out on our walls, and it looked like a completely different color. It taught me a good lesson. Textured drywall, smooth drywall, and wood will cause a shade to look quite different. The same color can change shades and even hue depending on the light or lack of it in a room. It is imperative that before you paint a room, you paint a sample of the color of approximate 25″x 20″in. in a wall; apply 2-3 coats of the paint color until there is no bleeding from the original paint underneath

3. Vibrant Color Shades

If you decide to leap into a vibrant or strong color shade, and you feel a bit outside of your comfort zone when you start painting, don’t worry. A room looks much different when the room is all put together. It happens to everyone who decides to make a major color adjustment to their walls. They start painting, and then doubt steps in. They stop painting and start pacing back and forth. If you have decided on a paint color from your local hardware store, and love it, keep going. It is amazing what accessories on the walls can do to pull things together.

Any metals can make a powerful statement in a room.  In this pinterest group, we have pulled together accessories in brass and silver, and boy do they shine!

Get some tips from this group of dark interiors on pinterest.  It is amazing what a white matte picture frame can do against a dark wall.

Work with the colors you love, and match up the right fabric with it.  Edit out the stuff you don’t really need or like anymore, and focus on the elements which excite you.  Decorating is fun, isn’t it??

The fashion designer, stylist and model known primarily for her long-term relationship with singer Mick Jagger. The living room is dressed up in mauve, with classic French wall panels. The molding throughout the apartment adds so much to the overall aesthetic and gives it a sense of history and old world flair. Light pink walls are lined with gold & gilded mirrors in the hallway, and chevron patterned floors can be seen throughout the home. See more pictures at Vogue

April’s U.S. Vogue featured L’Wren Scott’s home in France.

French AntiquesPair of wonderful Neoclassical style armchairs with an antique painted finish and reeded legs newly upholstered. Charles Spada Antiques

Pair of French Painted Bedside TablesPair of Green Painted and Parcel Gilt with Chinoiserie Decorated Bedside Tables 1840


April’s U.S. Vogue featured L’Wren Scott’s home in France.

L’Wren Scott’s Paris Apartment Vogue May 2012

This stunning French Gilded Époque Petite Canapé in Louis XV style, exhibits a turquoise finish and gilded accents. Pierce carving and intricate weave caning on the curvature back and caned seat. Held by cabriole legs ending with scroll feet, so many uses for this versatile piece. This is a very unique piece of furniture, such a conversational piece of furniture “ART”. Mario Imports is selling this piece for $1,700

Suzanne KaslerSuzanne Kasler

A Pair of Blue-Painted and Gilded Louis XV Style Caned BenchesA Pair of Blue-Painted and Gilded Louis XV Style Caned Benches

Pair of Painted Directoire Stools

Pair of period blue and white painted Directoire stools

Veranda’s September issue featured a collection of frames on exhibit at the Stefano Bardini MuseumVeranda  featured a collection of frames on exhibit at the Stefano Bardini Museum

British Home Seen on  1st OptionBritish Home Seen On 1st Option

British Home Seen on  1st Option 2British Home Seen On 1st Option

Bright French FurnitureVisit

Lolita Lempicka, from France Inpiring Interiors3Lolita Lempicka, Elle Maison

Baroque French1 We heart itBaroque French Styles Seen On We Heart It Blog

Color Color ColorVisit

Stunning Red Interiors Seen On The Enchanted Home Red Interiors With French Flavor- The Enchanted Home

French Upholstered HeadboardA French Headboard Upholstered in Red Velvet

my favorite

Neo-Classical Style Verde Painted and Parcel-Gilt Demilune Console, mid-19th c., the glazed top projecting a polychromatic surface centered by a medallion depicting a bacchic scene, bordered by bellflower chains and trailing vines, the frieze displaying a medallion featuring imbibing putti, the turned legs capped in leaves.

Gold room. Michael Eastman

Michael Eastman


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