Famous Composer Maurice Ravel's French Styled Home

Maurice RavelFrench musician Maurice Ravel will always be known for his beautiful music, but not many people knew about his incredible taste for furnishings.  Ravel lived outside of   Paris in the town Monfort l’Amaury.  One glimpse of the home shows one side of the home credited to Maurice Ravel.  Ravels Home is supposed to have written Le Tombeau de Couperin.  By The Narrow Gate Blog shows more of the outside of his home, and a plaque in his honor. My French Country Home featured lovely pictures of the inside of his home which show striking color themes through out the home, and exquisite French Empire antiques.  Ravel bought the home in 1921, and lived there until his death in 1937.  Although he was famous for his music, it is obvious he had great taste in decorating and style.

Ravel shows us how to decorate with dark interiors.  Don’t be afraid of black.  Decorating with black gives an interior a timeless appeal.  Consider pairing in natural wood furniture to give the eye a break from the dark elements.  Add in the color white, and lighter paint shades such as yellow.  Consider decorating an entire room in a darker color, while the rest of your home in the lighter tones.  Have the best of both worlds, while at the same time, not being swallowed up by the black.  Add in wall mirrors, and lighter colored china.  Gold really pops against black, so it is a must with darker interiors.  Brass, silver, and mirrors create more space because they attract the light, counteracting dark interiors.

-Picture Credit- See More Pictures Of His Home at My French Country Home

Maurice Ravel’s French Styled Home

Maurice Ravel’s French Styled Home

Marie Claire Maison featured a neoclassical interior in the heart of Paris, twenty steps from the Seine back in their November 2007 issue. The home actually originally came with no bathroom or kitchen, but that didn’t stop Dominique Kieffer. A year later Dominique was able to purchase an adjoining kitchen, which used another tenant, and then three years later, in the other wing of the building, she bought a small apartment, and was able to reconstruct the old apartment that was broken up over the years. Dominique chose the taupe, gray, and has kept the beautiful old oak parquet.

She tells Marie Claire Maison that “Sometimes I’m tempted to paint a room full of green raw. the English manner, or rather to mix black and yellow acid in a neoclassical style that I love very much, but I do not, I fear stancarmene soon.” But I say – this room is not all black fashion? Dominique laughs. “Oh no. no. especially a home should not be trendy. That is my theater, my game. They say that black is aggressive. I do not feel so. Do not attack me. I thought to Leopard when I imagined that room, with Doric columns, the laurels in gold and especially the heavy damask curtains of cotton, as in the palaces of Sicily.”

Enjoy these inspirational photos of Dominique’s home originally featured in Marie Claire Maison


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