Decorating With Pastels For A French Styled Home

French FurnitureIf you truly love the luxury side of 18th century France, and adore anything to do with Marie Antoinette, you will love yourself for choosing this color palette.

Try working with the color wheel when deciding on the fabric for your chairs. Velvet can be extremely rich and vibrant for French furniture. The orange chairs above, would be ideally paired with coral, or a lighter pastel orange. Or having a settee in a lighter mint green, and choosing a coordinating pastel green for two accent chairs would be very striking.

The Louis XV style gilt Rococo parlor suite comprising of love seat, armchair, side chair use one pastel color- that being pink and combine it with two other neutral colors. This makes it very easy to decorate with pastels.

There is a number of ways to go about decorating with this style.

1.  Paint your furniture a pastel color, and accent with with gilt furniture mounts such as the chest above.  The gold ormolu showcases the color quite nice and causes it to appear very high end than your regular run of the mill shabby chic painted cottage furniture.  Adding the gold furniture accents really makes your piece look like a million dollar gold cocktail ring.

2.  Add pastels in with your upholstery.  If you are not talented at upholstery, try a simple chair seat.  Replace your dining room chair seats with fabric more of your liking and the particular period style you love.

In this post I list some of my best tips for upholstery supplies.  Over the years I have had my fair share of mistakes, and I even make mistakes today, but I have saved a boat load of money over the years painting and doing my own upholstery.

3.  Try sewing some throw pillows for your sofa, chairs and beds.  This is a very simple way of adding vibrant colors of the exact shade of your liking.  If you don’t know how to do the cording, simply sew a box inside out, and leave an opening for stuffing, and sew it shut.  It can be as complicated or as easy as you desire.

4.  PAINT!  One simple and easy way of getting color into your home is through paint.  Consider stenciling your walls.  You may not want something so bold, and it doesn’t have to be. Stenciling can add some detail to your walls, and it doesn’t have to be out there, punchy and in your face.  Consider cream, and light yellow, which would make a perfect backdrop for gilt ornate french paintings.

In this picture,you can see they framed a wall with a pastel orange, and it can be a way of fooling the eye that you have molding.  Get the classic french molding look with painting boxes of color on your wall.   You can showcase your chairs, sideboard, or bombe chest inside the box.

5.  Create hand made art for your walls.  It doesn’t have to be complicated. This art piece can be terrific piece to add color into your house.

Consider taking old vintage lamp bases, and throw away the lamp but keep the brass base and pair it up with an oversized bowl, and make a beautiful floral arrangement out of it.  I did this with a lamp, and an old vase.

Porcelain Colored Vase with Hand-painted Design and Brass Handles

Asian Imari design- Hand painted Oriental Vase

Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Tung Chi Vase – Landscape

Adding a bit of soft color and working with the pastel tones will allow you to have a soft touch to your home that you will absolutely adore.  For most people making the leap into the soft pinks, light blues and cornflower yellows causes them to second guess them-self, because most people choose gray or beige.  Make your house your own, and go with what you love, not what everyone else expects.  Have a home uniquely YOU!

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Soft Pinks, French PastelsSoft Pinks, Unknown Designer

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18th Century Pastel Portrait Of A Girl Signed Schmid 1784 Belvedere Antiques

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A unique paint color such as apple green, black, or red bookcases can bring out the beauty of the books and displays in libraries. Adding multiple layers of architectural details such as stone, tapestries, wood detail and accessories will add to the detail and charm of classic reading rooms.

Purchasing bookcases can be an alternative way of saving money than having custom built bookcases. If you do decide to go that route, be sure to paint your shelves, so that the various materials used will bend together.

Consider a classic gray, black or antique color that will give off a classic antique feel. Adding an shelf to the top of typical bookcases can give the look of floor to ceiling shelves. There are many options to make your personal library that dream reading room.

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Louis XV Style Gilt Rococo Parlor Suite From Nadeau Auction

Pair of carved gilt Louis XV style armchairs From Nadeaus Auction

Satin Upholstered French Chairs In a Coral Color Unknown Dealer

Pink can look high end if you choose the right fabric and put some work into the frame of your french chair. A heavy weight satin would be recommended for upholstery, and you cannot go wrong with raw silk which tends to be strong. Raw silk is extremely beautiful and offers the richness and color of silk with a natural touch. As you can see gold frames are very rich against pink. Consider giving your chair that extra bling by gold leafing it.

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