Queen Marie Antoinette's French Bedroom

Diane Kruger Marie AntoinetteEveryone wants a view into Queen Marie Antoinette’s personal French bedroom.  Bonnefoy du Plan oversaw the creation of the furniture pieces which sit in her bedroom.  The furniture feature carved and painted trellises, basketwork, floral forms and rustic garlands. The furniture is called “wheat-ear” furniture, so named for lily-of-the-valley, pine cones, and ears of wheat found in the design The third floor is known as the Mezzanine and was for the Queen’s staff.

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Mantua Court Gowns

18th CenturyKnown as a mantua, the gown consists of a bodice with a train at the back.  A very wide petticoat of matching silk completes the ensemble along with a triangle of silk known as a stomacher, in the centre front.

Although considered stylish day wear in the early 18th century,  the mantua had become very old-fashioned by the 1750s and was worn only for court dress.  Wide hoops were beginning to go out of style, but kept their extreme width at court.  To make up for its conservative cut, court dress was always made from the most fashionable as well as expensive fabrics and trimmings.   (Read More...)

French Canopy Beds

Amanda Hallmon Taylor Canopy BedsFrench Canopy Beds originated from medieval England and Europe. Today people buy them for their looks, while in the past they served a practical purpose of preventing bugs, spiders, and flys from entering into your sleeping quarters. In Primitive times, the roofs of the homes were not in the best shape, letting the rain, bugs and dirt into your home. Bed fabric panels also added a privacy wall, from the common home where separate rooms was not common in medieval times. Privacy panels were often used to section off a particular space in (Read More...)

Baroque French Style

Baroque Cartel ClockBaroque (berōk`)style began in Rome around 1600, and spread throughout Europe after its popularity in Italy. Baroque architecture has been known for its excessive flashy designs often featuring splashy ornate interiors. Baroque style was (Read More...)