Add Dimension To Your French Furniture

French FurnitureFrench styled furniture has the advantage of structural shape that it almost begs to be painted.  Painting the curved and carved details on these ornate pieces can draw attention to the ornateness of this style. One significant advantage of painted furniture is the variety of colors and shades that are available to you.  No matter what your taste, you can bring forth a particular look with a shade of paint and a paint brush.  Such versatility exists with French furniture.

Above we see a glossy black French desk featuring heavy ormolu keyholes, and decorative ormolu for the corners and the feet. Consider painting the tops of your desk, tables, and nightstands a different shade.  Here we see a beautiful contrast between a burnt shade of red, and black.

French Heritage paints this buffet table a shade of green-gray with white painted details.  The top of the buffet table is left in it’s bare wood.

This Ralph Lauren Petit Fauteuil has a white base paint with the details painted in a dark shade of gray.

These Layla Grayce chairs and settees from the French Market Collection are painted in white with navy blue hand painted details.

This Boiserie at the Petit Trianon has gray painted ornamented details on a green painted background.  Gray is a very subtle color choice for an antique look compared to white.

This Louis XV armoire is painted in a soft shade of brown while the details pop in a muted shade of cream.

This panel from Paris France features uses a white, green and gray combination.  Use a soft brown glaze to obtain the antique look shown here.

Robert Polidori photographs pictures of Versailles- In one of his pictures he shows a green brocade upholstered chair sitting up against a very ornate ornamented wall painted it seems in a very light shade of blue while the carved wood appliques are painted in white.

A painted side table by seller John Yaconetti Antiques shows a sensational table with blue hand painted details on a cream painted marble topped table.

The French styled furniture allows you to go after the antique distressed styles as well as the modern day colorful glossy paint finishes.

There are so many different paint techniques that you can use with this style of furniture.  Many artists will choose this style of furniture as a canvas on which to express their skill and individuality. We hope we gave you a few ideas to run with for that next piece of furniture that needs a makeover….

A French Provincial Chest Painted In A soft blue-gray with black details From Tracy’s Fancy on esty

Look at my favorites from Tracy’s Paintings on Our French Decorating Group On Facebook

Elle Decoration Russia showing painted doors with navy detail on white. 

 Shown a Louis Xv Accent Table, Louis XV Chest of Drawers

HAQURE Furniture Manufacturer Company

The Castle Gizeux- See many rooms of this castle on the Essence Of Frenchness Blog

Here we see two shades of green, accented with gold.  -William Curtis Rolf Taken At Deyrolle In Paris

A Louis XV Style Gilt Metal Mounted Painted Side Table With Mint Green Detailed Painting

A Louis XV Red  Chair with Cream Painted Accents

French Side Table Painted In White With A Touch Of Orange

 Pink Detail Painted Boiserie Seen at the Carnavalet Museum

LA BOHEME DESK By Ralph Lauren


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