Absolutely Breathtaking French Painted Furniture

French Heritage French FurnitureFrench Heritage’s furniture is some of the most spectacular painted furniture on the market.  This company is only twenty years old, yet has so much talent when it comes to getting the right paint finishes and style for their French pieces.  The expertise came from a passion for antique furniture that co-founder Jacques Wayser grew up around.  As a young boy, Jacques would accompany his parents on their weekly visits to the Paris antique market.  Through years of living and breathing his grandfathers business, he learned the art of how to shop and collect antiques.  Fast forward many years later, Jacques Wayser and his wife decided to put their passions into a company that specialized in reproduction French furniture.  The company set forth to re-create the same furniture techniques employed by master craftsman of Europe.

French Heritage started in Los Angeles in 1981.  Jacques Wayser brought his expertise of French furniture, while Mrs Wayser brought a unique edge to the company from her experience in the fashion industry.   In the 1990’s, the company saw a great expansion with their popular Maison Provence collection,- a collection based around the furniture found in the countryside of France.  Some of their other collections that gained a wide reputation, such as the Camelot collection which was  inspired by the French furniture found in the White House.  This company continues to bring a fresh new look to French furniture.  While everyone is going crazy over the British Union Jack, they are the only company producing French furniture with an American patriotic flair to their French furniture, such as seen in the U.S. Constitution Commode.  French Heritage is an American based company located in High Point, NC.  See their current collections on their website.

Eurolux Antiques on ebay has carried French Heritage Line in the past.  Check out their listings here….

Beauregard Sideboard by French Heritage

U.S. Constitution Commode in Red and Gold, Jourdan Buffet by French Heritage

U.S. Constitution Commode in Black and Gold, Montrevel Commode Noblesse Chest by French Heritage

Sandrine Commode, Seizieme Chest by French Heritage

FEAT Marseillan Commode by French Heritage

FEAT Marseillan Commode by French Heritage

Zebra Chest by French Heritage

Dove and Gold striped Fontenay Commode , Betsy Ross Commode by French Heritage

Monaco Chest by French Heritage


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