Decorating With French Furniture

Michele Bonan's New HotelThe recently opened Marquis Faubourg Saint-Honoré, consisting of 15 luxury suites, is housed in a historic 1730 mansion that once  belonged to the Marquis de Lafayette.  Keeping a consistent palette from room to room—such as Bönan’s combination of deep-toned walls and ivory-colored
furnishings—helps a compact home feel larger. While infusing the structure with traditional luxuries, including carrara marble bathrooms and Louis XVI mantels, the iconoclastic Bönan also introduced such playful modern touches as chartreuse satin draperies and sleek, (Read More...)

Decorate With Bright Pops Of Color In Your Home

Plant a miniature lemon tree in a terracotta pot an place near a window.When professional decorators want to brighten up a room or space, they reach for the brightest color on the color wheel -yellow. Yellow is the perfect home decor accent. If your home is based around beige, and gray, the color yellow could be just what is needed to brighten a room. Consider using false lemons in a bowl on the counter, or as a centerpiece on your dining room table. With a few items from your home, you can create a (Read More...)