Extravagant Marie-Antoinette Pet Beds

The French CatPrestige Houses is a Toulouse-based company that makes historic reproduction dog (and cat) beds inspired from designs from Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI in the 18th century.Prestige director Pierre Zordan uses specially trained upholsterers, wood-carvers and decorative painters to build canopy beds in the à la Polonaise style that Marie-Antoinette favored. They also make a restrained Roman-columned cat box with Marie-Antoinette coat-of-arms carved roses. For more information about Prestige Houses, go here. All pictures and information gathered from Apartment Therapy Blog

Affordable French Pet Beds......

Are you a lover of French design, canopy pet beds are something you don't see to often making them a unique buy. The pet beds below are priced around the $150 dollar mark. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are also very practical. These enclosed canopies will give your pet the feeling of security that only a safe "den" can provide. Easy to assemble without tools. Covers can be removed and machine washed. The inner-pillow is zippered in case the fiber ever needs changing. The soft bumper pads protect the pet and even provide a soft resting place for their heads at the front door. Now available in 15 designer fabrics to enhance your home decor. A great value. Measures 27" x 17". Please NOTE that a $25 handling fee will be charged for this over-sized item

  • 2 inch thick foam bumper pads surround your pet to simulate the safety of a den and provide a soft place to lean.
  • A 2 inch thick mattress provides a sturdy base for your pet to rest on.
  • The super-soft pillow, stuffed with 16ozs. of high-quality acrylic fiber, makes your pet comfortable.
  • All bedding is machine washable.

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