French Style Wall Stencils

Ted and Lillian WilliamsPicture Of Elegance featured a number of stunning pictures on their blog of Ted and Lillian Williams chateau in Normandy, France. The chateau was built ca.1765, and reflects a French Rococo architectural period of style, which is quite similar to those found in Sweden in the 17th century. The house features a large amount of french furnishings. The highlight of the pictures are the amazing stenciled walls.  The Trouvais Blog featured some (Read More...)

Parisian Affair - Interview With Claudia Strasser

French DetailsParisian Affair – Interview With Claudia Strasser – Author of The Paris Apartment Blog , was featured in Luxe Magazine….


When I have restoration projects, I’ll pop into Pariscope Antiques in Lake Worth for
anything from restoring a frame, to gold leafing to upholstery. Up the road a bit, I’ll
hit Revue Antiques in West Palm Beach for boudoir chairs and vanities. There’s always a
wonderful surprise around every corner.


Chanel (Read More...)

Add Dimension To Your French Furniture

French FurnitureFrench styled furniture has the advantage of structural shape that it almost begs to be painted.  Painting the curved and carved details on these ornate pieces can draw attention to the ornateness of this style. One significant advantage of painted furniture is the variety of colors and shades that are available to you.  No matter what your taste, you can bring forth a particular look with a shade of paint and a paint brush.  Such versatility exists with French furniture.

Above we see a glossy black French desk featuring heavy ormolu (Read More...)

Borrow The Best Ideas For Your Home From French Decorator Jean-Louis Deniot

Jean-Louis DeniotDesigner Jean-Louis Deniot, is considered to be the best of the new generation of French Decoration, and yet Jean-Louis Deniot’s career began just 12 years ago. After launching his own firm in Paris in 2000, he expanded his design business just two years later with his sister, Virginie.  Since 2009, his firm has been counted as one the most prominent interior design firms by Architectural Digest (US), AD France, AD Spain, and AD Russia, and he is currently nominated in several prestigious selections of the Top 100 international interior design firms.

In this post, we (Read More...)

Absolutely Breathtaking French Painted Furniture

French Heritage French FurnitureFrench Heritage’s furniture is some of the most spectacular painted furniture on the market.  This company is only twenty years old, yet has so much talent when it comes to getting the right paint finishes and style for their French pieces.  The expertise came from a passion for antique furniture that co-founder Jacques Wayser grew up around.  As a young boy, Jacques would accompany his parents on their weekly visits to the Paris antique market.  Through years of living and breathing his grandfathers business, he learned the art of (Read More...)

A Little Bit Of Provence In Your Home

Provence FranceProvence is not only one of France’s best-loved regions; it’s also the one which has, arguably, had a greater influence on design than any other.

Provence is, of course, a hot region. So its design concepts are usually all about cool minimalism – but in a very traditional farmhouse type of way. And Provence oak furniture is also well-known for its warm, welcoming glow – as reflects the region itself.

Search on Provence interiors on the web and you’ll soon get a feel for what the region’s designs are all about; simplicity, quality, rustic charm and utility.

Some furniture (Read More...)

Book Review: Historic Houses of Paris: Residences of the Ambassadors

Historic Houses of ParisHistoric Houses of Paris, written by Alain Stella and photographed by Francis Hammond, is one book that you need to have in your library.  The book is packed from front to back with numerous tours of extraordinary historical homes that are  closed to the public but opened up in this exceptional volume of twenty-two embassies.

You’ll browse a number of estates that were once (Read More...)

French Style Children's Furniture

French StyleAntique Furniture on ebay is selling a terrific pair of Miniature Louis XV Style Carved White Painted Child Arm Chairs for just over 1,300.  The pair most likely  originated from France in the late 19th Century. The set has wonderful proportions built for a child to sit in a formal room. With a delicate carved crest featuring a bouquet of flowers flanked by multiple complicated borders of twisted rope and three beads and short reeding that (Read More...)

Exceptional Rare French Antique Furniture

Suzy and Pierre DelbeeThe Devoted Classicist Blog featured some of the pictures of the furnishings from the Paris Apartment of Suzy and Pierre Delbee in the Christies Auction Catalogue.

A stand-out piece was a red lacquer secretary signed by Francois Rubestuck dating to circa 1766.  The decorative, fragile piece was not usable, however, because of the narrowness of the room (as noted (Read More...)

How To Paint Black Furniture-A Dozen Examples Of Exceptional Black Painted Furniture

A Louis XV Gilt Bronze Mounted Black Lacquer Chinoiserie Commode.Black furniture has been one of the most popular furniture paint colors in history, and a close second is white.  Today, no other color comes close to these two basic colors which always seem to be a public favorite.

No matter what the style is, black paint has been fashionable choice for French furniture,and also for primitive early American, regency and modern furniture.   While the color of the furniture the same, the surrounds of these (Read More...)